Stones and Bones make break my schticks but words can be rearranged.

Newgrounds link:

Ludum Dare link (smaller screen size):

Defend yourself against the ancient threats at your desert forge

What technology is more ancient than fire and smashing stuff together?


Move with WASD Jump with space or w

Strike with J

Stab with K

Throw with L

Pickup with E

Also has Gamepad support- switches automatically when you press a button - mapped for xbox 360

All of the controls are shown in the game

Beating the game lets you play it in HARD MODE

the only difference is that you can't regenerate health

which happens at the beginning of each wave

could play sorta puzzly if your trying to figure out how to beat the game so skip past the lines if you don't want to know just yet



Smash rocks together to sharpen them

Attach rocks to bones to make spears

Smash metal and melt it into an ingot

Attach bones to ingots to make a hammer

Forge a sword by hitting the molten ingot with the bone hammer


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