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Frederica needs some Duck Boots to fit in with their crane friend, Blaire! Can you help Frederica find the duck boots in this interdimensional Claw Machine as it travels through different game genres?

Arrow keys or WASD to move and Space to interact

Assist Mode: makes it so that the bullet hell and boot dye minigame do not reset the room when you lose.

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AuthorsNiborious, Fizziberry, Treecki, patrickgh3


DuckBootsWindows.zip 36 MB


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This game is so charming! When I streamed it, the chat enjoyed it so much. I was so motivated to find those duck boots and the ending made it all worth it :D

Thank you so much for trying it out!!! This was my first game jam and I'm so motivated to do another one :)


Walkthrough - Go left through the bullet hell and complete the cooking minigame. Grab the cheese from the cooking minigame and bring it back up to the rat in the river. Then bring the IceKey back to the bullet hell to melt it. Bring the key to the right of the river to unlock the chest that appears when you complete the boot minigame. Then bring the duck boots back up through the start of the game.


I didn't find the boots? But the minigames were fun, the lily pads level is the best. Cute graphics.


Ah yes it is a bit difficult to figure out what to do, I've added a walkthrough comment to help those who are interested in completing the game. Thank you!

very hard to understand at first, nice games, and the way you joined them is pretty good, but maybe more intuitive the puzzles