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Anyway I really liked this game X)

Do you know what the song in the first level is, or where to find the sound track in general?

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The music was made for the game during the jam, you can find the composers work at, I'll ask if he wants to upload any of this music there as well

I found it on his sound cloud that he had linked in that site, thanks. The song I was looking for is called “retro child (game jam)”.


jumps 3 times like in super mario 64

How do i turn my camera???

my mouse is the olny thing that shows up

Hi, The camera doesnt turn
its just WASD to move, space to jump, and left click to attack

why?? when ever you have to jump from platform from platform its a leap of faith : (

The game was made in only 12 hours for a game jam, so we opted to have a fixed camera to make time to work on other things. 

The levels are designed so you can see everything you need to in order to progress. Although I can see how a jump would be a "leap of faith" if you try to go backwards in the level. (though since you don't actually need to collect all the starforce pieces to beat the level, it isn't ever necessary to do so)

It was just a short little game made for fun and for a limited time scope challenge, and obviously isn't trying to be a super polished project.

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Glad you enjoyed :)
Thanks for the playthrough video!


Its made in Unity! I like the intro.

haha thanks, I finally got multiple cameras and animated cutscenes